We are thrilled to have Tony Chapman, Host Podcast Chatters that Matters & also Host new Radio show:  Life Matters on WFIM’s virtual stage.  A Marketing Hall of Legends inductee, Tony recently completed an 18-part podcast entitled Small business matters, presented by RBC and a video where six thought leaders weigh in on personal branding, consumer behaviour, culture, digital transformation, media amplification and best practices.  You can locate both series here:  https://chatterthatmatters.ca


What Tony shares is that every successful brand, business and career has one thing in common.  They have the attention of those that matter most to them.  Attention is what breathes life into how they engage and persuade, collaborate, educate, inspire and motivate.  The challenges that most businesses and brands are starving for attention.  The world is noisy, and the marketplace is competitive.


So how do you get the attention you deserve?  Find out December 2nd!


Tony is joined by 3 business owners from the podcast series:  Kristi Knowles, CEO Mother Raw, Sheena Russell, CEO, Made with Local and Patrice Mousseau, CEO, Satya.

Join us in discussing how they are breathing life into their brands and businesses.

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Tony Chapman presents: Attention is Your Oxygen - Three ways to Breathe life in your Brands & Careers

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  • Wednesday Dec 02 2020, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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